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The hours (long or short) leading up to Birth are some of the most genuine reflections of strength and love a mother can display. The ones chosen to surround her during this time are the ones she will live to tell her unborn child about in the years to come. The Birthing Space, Birth Date and Time are just some of the things, but the everything that keeps your story in forward motion are often a blur. By choosing to have a professional birth photographer join you in your birthing space you leave room for the little things and have a record of your strength. 

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why should I hire a birth photographer?

All birth story collections include a prenatal lunch at 36 weeks with Jennifer and Tiffany! This from scratch meal is prepared especially for you and served in our kitchen. We will also review your Birth Preferences Worksheet at this time and chat about whatever comes up!

Will we meet before birth?

Yes! You can explore Maternity Photography here. I offer Milk Bath, Studio and Lifestyle portrait sessions.

Do you offer Maternity photography?

I do! Prenatal and Birth Doula Support is included with birth photography and birth videography collections. I am also pleased to offer support throughout the 4th trimester as a postpartum doula

Do you offer doula support?

I do not. You can read more about my personal experience in doing so in 2018 here, and what led me to shift my personal beliefs surrounding this practice. I do however offer Placenta Artwork as an alternative for those looking to celebrate this incredible organ. Services include Watercolor Placenta Prints, Umbilical Cord Keepsake, and Birth Flower Placenta Seed Bombs.

do you offer placenta encapsulation?

Yes! You can explore Newborn Photography here. Choose from Golden Hour, Fresh 48, Studio and Lifestyle newborn photography.

Do you offer NEWBORN photography?

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